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Project Management

Need more than just a great design? I manage projects too. I handle conception to post build-out review. I love to work with clients and pitching. I identify problems and generate solutions to improve marketing and sales effectiveness. If you have a problem, I can get you a solution.
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Serving Clients Start to Finish

Trade Show Exhibits

As an Account Executive at The Design Agency Inc.,  I oversaw all facets of exhibit management for my clients. This included:

  • Generating and Developing Leads

  • Managing Social Media

  • Creating Proposals

  • ......

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Digital Sales Resource Center

Recognizing & Solving  the Need

In 2018 I was tapped to spearhead the creation of a new first-touch presentation to improve sales pitches across the state. I collaborated with sales, data, and marketing to identify key selling points with the aim of increasing closure rates.

While interviewing regional sales leads and marketing, I found larger systemic issues...

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Creating a Brand

Illinois Darts

Between 2017 and 2020 I developed the Illinois Darts Brand currently used in over 500 bars and restaurants across Illinois.

Materials include advertising handouts, jerseys, web-pages, social media graphics, and seasonal league posters....

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