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Digital Sales Resource Center

Recognizing & Solving  the Need

In 2018 I was tapped to spearhead the creation of a new first-touch presentation to improve sales pitches across the state. I collaborated with sales, data, and marketing to identify key selling points with the aim of increasing closure rates.

While interviewing regional sales leads and marketing, I found larger systemic issues. Only a small percentage of the sales force fully utilized marketing materials and followed best practices for pursuing leads. Many sales members were unaware materials were available to them. Customization of presentations was inefficient. New hires often had confusion about what steps to take when approaching a lead for the first time.

Consequently, I petitioned to forge a more comprehensive set of training resources that new hires and sales veterans could access online. I  surveyed leading sales team members' processes and strategies. Together with the lead generation team, I engineered the Digital Sales Resource Center. The pages shown here highlight a few of the resources the final result provides today.

Whited Out Sales Pres.png
Mockup 1.png
Sales Pres Resource  Comp.png
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