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Tradeshow Exhibits

Serving Clients Start to Finish

As an Account Executive at The Design Agency Inc.,  I oversaw all facets of exhibit management for my clients. This included:

  • Generating and Developing Leads

  • Managing Social Media

  • Creating Proposals

  • Identifying Exhibit Requirements

  • Understanding Client Brand Identity

  • Directing Exhibit Designers

  • Finding Alternative Build Options to Fit Target  Budgets

  • Negotiating with Clients, CFO, and Estimating

  • Pitching Presentations

  • Ensuring Exhibit Build Quality

  • Proofing Graphics

  • Managing All Client Relations

  • Managing Show Setup

  • Solving All Set Up Challenges before Show Start

I was the top performing Account Executive in new lead generation while at The Design Agency Inc. I generated over $350,000 in new client sales and over $200,000 in repeat customer sales.

All images shown are new clients that I brought in.

BONECO 2-11-15.jpg
Talix with new graphics- note the left p

Exhibit designs by Jonathan Wright

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