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 I create children's illustrations for books and educational programs. I specialize in research driven illustration ideal for museum and classroom learning. 
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Ruth's River Dreams

Children's Book Written by Elizabeth Pickard


Ruth's River Dreams was inspired by the real life of Ruth Ferris, a woman who recorded and taught about riverboat history on the Mississippi River. Her life spanned from 1897 to 1993.

For this project I examined dozens of historical documents to create period-specific illustrations...

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Glory: Museum Mascot
Missouri History Museum's Educational Department Children's Mascot

In my opinion, understanding who your target audience is, and what they want, and writing to them (and only them!) is the most important component of being successful as an author.  - John Locke

In 2015, The Missouri History Museum (MoHis) sent out an RFP for a gargoyle mascot for educational youth programing based on gargoyles in the museum....


Food Production Lesson
Teaching About Our Impact on the World


I have designed and taught dozens of lessons for K-12 educational programs. One of my favorite lessons covered where food comes from and what resources go into its production.

As part of the lesson, I created a series of illustrations...

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